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My present to myself: a toe that is NOT broken! Hurrah! Also, orthopedic insoles that will correct the way that I walk and therefore make my achilles stop hurting me when I hike. In general, my experience with the NZ medical world has been incredibly positive. The entire affair (clinic visit, x-ray, one physiologist visit, […]

life as a migrant worker

Here it is, another week gone by between entries.  Another eventful week!

I left Jasmine's on Thursday, after an incredibly relaxing and warm three days in her company and the company of various other members of her family.  I got to hike “The Mount,” or Mt. Maunganui (Mon-gah-noo-e), which is a curious round, tall dome […]

the wonderful thing about warm, clean beds…

is that they let you fall completely into sleep.  There's something about a backpacker's bed that keeps you just on the edge of deep, refreshing rest, as if the collected consciousnesses of all the people who've slept in the bed before you are needling at you, thinking at you, reminding you that this bed is not yours […]

part 2

Free internet! For a little while, anyway.

Okay, so back to my weekend mountain retreat. It was exactly what I needed. After the stress of leaving Maureen's, to have two days of quiet and vigorous exercise in my favorite type of setting was like aloe to sunburned skin. And then meeting Mark – oh, what […]

same place – one week later

Only seven days have passed, but the world has been reversed. German boys – done. Buh-bye. Yucky, depressing feelings of loneliness – adios. Say hello instead to CAR, MOUNTAINS, and SELF-SUFFICIENCY!

It's been an eventful week. I've got a lot to fit in, and no money to pay for extra time, so bear with me […]