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this place

When I speak of my life here, “here” – Antarctica, McMurdo – is simply “this place.” This Place. It’s an enigmatic title. Vague. Simple, colorless words that fall flat, providing no descriptive imagery, no information. And yet it’s the only phrase that works – it’s general enough, bland enough to encompass the space that is…this […]

395 to 1075 in 2.5 weeks

A helicopter landed outside of my window two nights ago. The thumping, room shaking sound of its rotors was like an alarm clock jarring one out of a sound sleep: disorienting, confusing, frightening. “Wake up!” It said. “It’s mainbody!”

If the three helicopters arriving at the heli-pad less than a hundred feet from my window […]

here comes the sun

It’s 11:00 at night when I step out of the coffee house with Andre, Justin, and Sky. We’ve spent the last half hour or so cozied up to the wooden, paneled bar, chatting, spinning on our bar stools, enjoying the selection of NZ and Aussie wines and trading banter with Dave the bartender. It’s way […]