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this is where i live:

Recent Events That Have Helped Me To Remember Why It’s Exciting To Live In Freaking Antarctica

#1 – Driving in Condition 2 weather! *Condition 2: “weather conditions when any one or all of these conditions exist – wind speed is greater than 48 knots (55mph), temperature is below -75 F (-59C), visibility is less than 1/4 mile” (condition 3 is the designation for normal weather; condition 1 is the most extreme).


Antarctic Q & A

Do you like it there? Do you like your job, even the boringness of it?

Yes – and no. I love the people here. I love the scenery, when it comes out from behind the clouds (which has been happening much more frequently these days). I love the sunrises and sunsets. I love the moments […]

just another day on the ice

We’ve gained nearly four hours of daylight in the two and a half weeks that I’ve been here. 25 minutes per day. The official sunrise for today was 8:52 AM; the sunset was officially over at 4:55 PM, an hour ago. But, as the sun itself has yet to make an appearance above the horizon, […]