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This is the sound that a 12-gage shotgun makes when it's fired ten feet away from me.  The hills around the farm catch the sound and echo it back and forth, stirring up more birds to be shot at.


This is the sound that a 12-gage shotgun makes when I fire it, because the […]

in the lateral zone

Vines and grapes and wines, oh my!  I'm working on a vineyard in Raukawa (R-ow-kawa), Maraekakaho (Ma-rye-ka-ka-hoe) near Hastings (only a half hour drive from Meeanee, where I was doing strawberries), and learning heaps about grape growing, winemaking, stock trading and general viticulture.  George was able to hook me up with not only a job, but free […]

and by moving on, i meant…

…staying put. For a few more days, at least. Found out that the strawberries would be finishing completely this weekend, and decided it'd be nicer to stay and finish off the season with the rest of the workers than dash off Thursday for points unknown. Plus, I'd been procrastinating in the “plans” department. It's been […]


This is my routine.

The alarm goes off at five, or five-thirty, an hour before the start of work. I have to prepare myself, have to wake up fast and steel my nerves against the cold and wet that await me outside the tent. It’s been dropping to about 14 degrees celsius (55ish fahrenheit) every […]