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I rejoined civilization at 10pm yesterday, and all I have to say is this: YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

It’s about 70 degrees F, the sun is out, I’m wearing a skirt and no shoes, and I just woke up from a nap in a sunny patch of grass with Lumir. In the last 24 hours (less than, actually), […]

a toast… (by guest blogger Andre)

Check it out – two entries in two days! You lucky dogs. This is less of an update, though, and more of an addendum, an appendix. I was unhappy with the update I wrote yesterday in its dealings with “toastiness” (or, the gradual, Antarctica-enduced losing of one’s mind). I didn’t feel that it captured the […]

thar she blows

WHALES. The whales have arrived!!

At 2:30 this morning I was sitting on the frozen beach of Hut Point (on the edge of town), next to the huge, Swedish icebreaker that is moored at the ice pier in the harbor. I’d taken a nap after work, intending to sleep for only an hour…and woke up […]