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Plane tickets: bought! And, why Americans should travel more.

Tonight’s my last night working at Solitude. These past several weeks have been a long, white blur. I come home at midnight, collapse into bed and dream until the beepbeepbeep of the alarm crashes the slumber party, waking me up to do it all over again. I also worked at my editing job this morning, […]

Susan’s next adventure – and first real writing job!

I’m planning a trip back to Peru in March and April, this time not just for fun, but with a purpose. I’m going to be working for a non-profit organization (Awamaki) based in Ollantaytambo, a small town not far from the famous Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. Ollantaytambo is one of the oldest continuously inhabited […]

country roads, take me home

Graham, my one-time supervisor and long-time friend, shouts at me from across the hall where he’s having a Sunday-morning sleep-in. It’s early, around seven, and I’ll be on a plane in less than twelve hours. “Your plane’s been canceled, darling. All planes to Boston have been grounded until further notice. Guess you’ll just have to […]

the last two weeks

There were volcanoes, killer whales, beaches, bars, picnics and mountains…and then we were back in Auckland. Kelli’s two weeks: hopelessly inadequate, but still a wonderful opportunity to share a place that I love with someone that I love. Someone that I STILL love, two weeks later, despite the fact that she thinks I’m a dirty […]

kelli, meet new zealand

“Kelli and Susan drove down state highway 47, looking out the windows at volcanoes and eating chocolates while listening to Flogging Molly,” Kelli narrated.

“Fear and Loathing has nothing on us!” I returned.

“Except hallucinogenics.”

It’s a whole new phase of my NZ experience – Kelli Time! It’s strange to me: here I am, back […]

returning to civilization after a long tramp in the bush

Today I have spoken more words than I have uttered in the last month. My throat is dry, my tongue and mouth are tired, but I am out of my head – I have rejoined humanity and am relearning the finer points of human communication. I’m on the North Island: this bustling metropolis of an […]

happy birthday to me!

For most of today, I have managed to forget that it’s that day. Kelli arrived at the crack of dawn and has stepped fearlessly into the role of Navigator / Parking Helper / Decisive Plan-Maker. Thank God for that, as my return to Auckland (civilization! a city! oh, the horror!) has been less than successful. […]

a month later…

…I find my way out of the rain forest! Has it really been a month? Can I blame the delay in updates on my freezer-burned brain? Apologies, faithful readers. Writing, as of late, has felt more like work than play, and after six months as an Antarctic galley slave, I’m all about play. This is […]

home sweet boat

Several songs come to mind at this point… “…just spent six months in a leaky boat” “…we all live in a yellow submarine” My boat isn’t a submarine (though it is painted yellow), and whether it’s leaky or not I can’t say, as it’s in permanent dry dock on top of a hill, but it’s […]


I rejoined civilization at 10pm yesterday, and all I have to say is this: YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

It’s about 70 degrees F, the sun is out, I’m wearing a skirt and no shoes, and I just woke up from a nap in a sunny patch of grass with Lumir. In the last 24 hours (less than, actually), […]