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As the Brits would say,

I just “can’t be assed” (meaning: can’t be bothered. Say it with an English accent, it sounds better that way: “cahn’t be ahssed”) to write an update. I don’t feel like enough exciting things have gone on in the last few days to warrant an entire entry. Meh. Things are good, no worries, I’m just […]

big ol’ circle

From Turangi to…Oban Station.  Again.  The Richmonds, take 2.  A much shorter stay this time, just four nights.  Wasn't planning to go back, to complete the circle, but as I was ending my stay with the McGregors, George sent me a text asking when/if I'd be passing through Hawkes Bay again.  As my plans for Wellington […]

queuing up the mountain

“The Best Day Hike In NZ.”  That's how it's advertised.  The Tongariro Crossing.  It's hyped up to be quite an intense and difficult (but worthwhile) walk, across the ridges and craters between Mts. Ngarahoe and Tongariro, 17km altogether, not including the possible side trips up to the summits of the two mountains.  This was the […]

all that was missing was a party of Hobbits to make me second breakfast

Aimless is the word I would use to describe these past few days. When I left Sandy’s place in Gisborne, I knew two things: 1) I was driving around the East Cape and seeing the sunrise; 2) I was going to go hiking in the Tongariro (Tong-ah-rear-roe) National Park (located in the very middle of […]

claiming the day

At 5:30 AM, today, February 3rd, 2006, I sat in the rain at the top of the easternmost point in the world, and watched the sun come up.  I was the first person in the world – in the world! – to see the start of the day.  I got up at 4:30, stuffed my […]

sore heels and a salty throat

Three things need to be addressed.

1. In my last entry I wrote that it had been three months. Not true. It should have read 11 weeks. Today's entry comes exactly three months and three days into the trip.

2. I repeatedly referred to the Richmonds and their property as “farmers” and “the […]