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camping with grizzly bears is scarier than hitchhiking

There I was, leaning against the wall of the Grant Village Campground bathroom, mechanically shoveling warm oatmeal into my mouth, absently re-reading the campground recycling guidelines for the thirty-seventh time. Rain hammered on the roof and dripped noisily off the gutters onto the pavement outside. The bathroom was the only place where I could cook […]

the time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things

Cal rushes in, barely pausing to knock before he’s pushing the front door open. He’s excited, stuttering, and wearing his red flannel bathrobe over his typical jeans and button-down, with a jean jacket on top of that, and his crumpled western hat over all of it. “Susan? Susan, can I – you’ve – come, come […]

wanted: women, aged 20-30

BG, one of Bob’s female friends, thought I was crazy to go. A six-day trip, in the backcountry, with three 40+ men I barely knew? I’ll admit I had my doubts.

Lou, the trip organizer, is a local antiques dealer with whom I’ve become acquainted over the summer. The other two, Joe and […]


Is it possible to relish a boring life? For weeks now, I’ve considered making updates here, only to shrug helplessly: what can I say? The moments that make up my day to day existence are small and simple, and while it would be possible to write stories about them and expand them into epic […]

here there be bears

I rolled over lazily in my sleeping bag and squinted at the bright light that shone through the tops of the trees. It was morning. I stretched and adjusted my woolly hat and tucked my matted hair back behind my ears. The mosquitoes from the night before still hovered, humming and buzzing around my […]

Sweet As Part III: Sawdust and Sunshine

Finally! Let’s get a big YEE HAW from the middle of Dubois, Wyoming (DOO-boys – pronounce it in the French fashion at your own risk). The town is small (900 souls) and high (6,900 feet above seal level), but it’s got a library with wireless internet access. I’ve been here for two weeks, and I’ve […]

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