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Is it possible to relish a boring life? For weeks now, I’ve considered making updates here, only to shrug helplessly: what can I say? The moments that make up my day to day existence are small and simple, and while it would be possible to write stories about them and expand them into epic […]

here there be bears

I rolled over lazily in my sleeping bag and squinted at the bright light that shone through the tops of the trees. It was morning. I stretched and adjusted my woolly hat and tucked my matted hair back behind my ears. The mosquitoes from the night before still hovered, humming and buzzing around my […]

Sweet As Part III: Sawdust and Sunshine

Finally! Let’s get a big YEE HAW from the middle of Dubois, Wyoming (DOO-boys – pronounce it in the French fashion at your own risk). The town is small (900 souls) and high (6,900 feet above seal level), but it’s got a library with wireless internet access. I’ve been here for two weeks, and I’ve […]

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

…if by Christmas you mean giant wooden candy canes and penguins wearing Santa hats hung on utility poles over rivers of mud under the blinding sun. Welcome to the land of the Anti-Santa, who steals toys from the good children and delivers them to the bad ones; where snow melts instead of accumulating and the […]