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Susan’s written work and photography has appeared in a growing number of professional publications.


January 2014: The Case for Conservation’s Next Generation

Young kayakers from Chile’s Río Baker travel to the Grand Canyon to understand how proposed dams would impact their river and way of life. In this short, focused essay, Susan describes how exchange and first hand experience have the power to change lives. (Photos by Ben Lehman)


July 2013: Powell’s Punishment

Uh oh…I lost my boat.” The harrowing and hilarious first-person adventure story of how Susan lost her boat on Utah’s Lake Powell and lived to tell about it. A story about the wrath of Mother Nature and the importance of a sturdy bowline.


May 2013: Advocate Exchange

Dramatic, colorful photos illustrate the power of experiential education as Susan and her camera follow the adventures of eight Colorado high school students on a kayaking trip to Chilean Patagonia. Students find new friends, absorb the complexities of the global energy debate, and learn about the relative pros and cons of proposed dams on Chile’s Rio Baker. Part one of a series about Susan’s non-profit, Ríos to Rivers, and its kayaking exchange program.


Series – The People Behind the Scenes

Susan documents the every day extraordinary of life in the Utah desert, the creative melding of personalities when living and working in close quarters, and Holiday River Expedition’s culture of simplicity and shared values. Holiday’s motto is “Go With The Flow”. In this series, she writes about the Flow that happens behind the scenes, and highlights the people who know how to go with it.


October 2011: Just Call Me James

Join Susan on her weekly trip through the best of Utah’s varied landscape: mountains, desert, rivers. As driver for an iconic western outfitter, she experiences it all.


May 2012: In Chile, A Conflict between Clean Energy and Pristine Wilderness
(Versión en Español se encuentra aquí)

Proposed dams in Patagonia have the attention of international activists and multi-national developers. But the community on the river’s edge has its own perspective. Five months of interviews and research in the remote region of Aysén resulted in this in-depth consideration of Chile’s energetic—and humanistic—future.


January 2012: Chile’s Whitewater Kayakers Collaborate with Endesa
December 2011: HidroAysén Opponents Appeal to Chile’s Supreme Court
December 2011: Cycling Activists Pedal through Patagonia

Focused reporting on several aspects of Chile’s ongoing debate over the benefits and disadvantages of hydroelectric development in Patagonia.

“HOT COFFEE” – Holiday River Expeditions Cookbook

Two of Susan’s photos were featured in the 2011 edition of the book:

Sand Wash Put-in and Gray Canyon


July 2011: Two Months at the Middle: Looking for Ecuador on the Quilotoa Loop

Several of Susan’s photos were published along with this short memoir about traveling in the Ecuadorian highlands.