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happy birthday to me!

For most of today, I have managed to forget that it’s that day.  Kelli arrived at the crack of dawn and has stepped fearlessly into the role of Navigator / Parking Helper / Decisive Plan-Maker.  Thank God for that, as my return to Auckland (civilization!  a city!  oh, the horror!) has been less than successful.  Since I picked up my red-headed mistress of fun, I have: gotten us lost every single time I start the car; forgotten to take off my hand-brake twice; driven the wrong way onto a motorway exit ramp; wasted hours driving up and down the motorway searching for a route that will get us back to our bed and breakfast.  It’s been a long time since I drove in a city…I’m a little out of practice.

It’s a treat to have someone in the passenger seat reading the maps for me, and we’re both predicting great things for the twelve days ahead.  Volcanoes!  Beaches!  Wine!  Belated birthday festivities!  Kelli has informed me that she is “rugged” and ready for anything.  She’s even bought hiking boots.  This is going to be good.

Thanks for all the email wishes – much love to all of you :)

We’re heading south tomorrow…wish us luck!

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