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the Wasatch from above

I had to run to catch my flight today. The relative proximity of SLC International to my home in Cottonwood Heights made me a bit more complacent than I should have been. The good news is I made it. The bad is that now I’m sweaty.

It was a spectacular day to lift off. The […]

John Muir’s take on friendship and love

“To ask me whether I could endure to live without friends is absurd. It is easy enough to live out of material sight of friends, but to live without human love is impossible. Quench love, and what is left of a man’s life but the folding of a few jointed bones and square inches of […]

country roads, take me home

Graham, my one-time supervisor and long-time friend, shouts at me from across the hall where he’s having a Sunday-morning sleep-in. It’s early, around seven, and I’ll be on a plane in less than twelve hours. “Your plane’s been canceled, darling. All planes to Boston have been grounded until further notice. Guess you’ll just have to […]

the last two weeks

There were volcanoes, killer whales, beaches, bars, picnics and mountains…and then we were back in Auckland. Kelli’s two weeks: hopelessly inadequate, but still a wonderful opportunity to share a place that I love with someone that I love. Someone that I STILL love, two weeks later, despite the fact that she thinks I’m a dirty […]

here comes the sun

It’s 11:00 at night when I step out of the coffee house with Andre, Justin, and Sky. We’ve spent the last half hour or so cozied up to the wooden, paneled bar, chatting, spinning on our bar stools, enjoying the selection of NZ and Aussie wines and trading banter with Dave the bartender. It’s way […]

the last hurrah

I don’t really have time to do this past week justice. I’m not sure that it would be possible, in fact, to do it justice. It’s been that good. But if I don’t write it now, it will never get written, and if nothing else, the pictures that go with this particular episode need a […]


It’s all happening.

I’m going!

I’m going to Antarctica!!

::unintelligible shrieks of joy and amazement::

Oh, wow. Wow, wow, and yes, wow.

Life, at the moment, is so good that it hurts. So good, in fact, that you see I write it out in plain English, without fear or superstition that I might somehow jinx […]

back by popular demand

I know, I know, you haven’t heard from me in ages. Am I alive? Am I well? Have I gone round the twist or fallen off the face of the earth? Yes. Yes. Not really, and no. Rather, I’ve been sucked into the routine and life that is Lake Tekapo and the Godley Resort. Time […]