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Recent Events That Have Helped Me To Remember Why It’s Exciting To Live In Freaking Antarctica

#1 – Driving in Condition 2 weather! *Condition 2: “weather conditions when any one or all of these conditions exist – wind speed is greater than 48 knots (55mph), temperature is below -75 F (-59C), visibility is less than 1/4 mile” (condition 3 is the designation for normal weather; condition 1 is the most extreme).


Antarctic Q & A

Do you like it there? Do you like your job, even the boringness of it?

Yes – and no. I love the people here. I love the scenery, when it comes out from behind the clouds (which has been happening much more frequently these days). I love the sunrises and sunsets. I love the moments […]

just another day on the ice

We’ve gained nearly four hours of daylight in the two and a half weeks that I’ve been here. 25 minutes per day. The official sunrise for today was 8:52 AM; the sunset was officially over at 4:55 PM, an hour ago. But, as the sun itself has yet to make an appearance above the horizon, […]

this is major tom to ground control

I feel I should begin this entry with a moment of silence.

Perhaps two.

Maybe three moments will allow me to collect my thoughts and begin to put words to the last week. In this quiet time, imagine that you cannot speak. You can barely even think. When you look out the window there is […]

The Great Antarctic Adventure

It’s like freshmen orientation for the coolest university in the world. The students are older and the focus is neither intellectual nor academic, but on Sunday I looked around and found that I had been returned to the world of classrooms and cliques. Like freshmen year, I’m on the verge of a new community, watching […]