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Protected: una aventura mas – señor qoyllur-ritti

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

una aventura mas: days 1-13

The taxi hurtled downhill toward the abuelita and her flock. Sheep scatter and pigs struggle to waddle out of the way. Too late, the driver applies the brakes, and ka-thud-du-kahdada – one of the sows disappears under our wheels. Oh dear god. I’m horrified, expecting a scene, expecting the abuelita to fly at us in […]

Welcome to Perú: April 19 – 30

Cusco, the city of the Incas, the cultural capital of Perú. At 3400 meters above sea level (11,300ft) it sits, spread across a shallow valley: a sea of terracotta roofs at the center; on the outskirts adobe huts lap at the edges of low, green-brown mountains; the steeples and towers of the city’s countless churches […]

quick and dirty

I’m in Cuzco, Peru. I’m in a tiny, closet-like internet cafe off of a side street paved in stones laid by the Inca. Two small dogs are locked into an intimate embrace on the stoop, and the woman who runs the cafe is using a broom and a bucket of water to chase them off. […]