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quick and dirty

I’m in Cuzco, Peru.  I’m in a tiny, closet-like internet cafe off of a side street paved in stones laid by the Inca.  Two small dogs are locked into an intimate embrace on the stoop, and the woman who runs the cafe is using a broom and a bucket of water to chase them off.  I’ve been in Peru for a week now.  It is different, so different.  This is the South America I had envisioned, vaguely, when I planned the trip.  Beautiful, poor, yet rich in history, culture, life.  And different.

I’ve met up with a good friend, Jeni from Vancouver (we met on the Cabo Froward trip – we were ‘Team Awesome’), and mañana, we go to Machu Picchu.  Four days of trekking via the Salkantay trail – an alternative to the overcrowded, overpriced Inca Trail.  We’re excited.

Off to pack!

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