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joining the world of the bloggers

Adventure time!

Welcome to my sweet as account of the next year of traveling around New Zealand.  While I realize that “sweet as” actually means “well done!” or “good for you!” in NZ slang, I prefer to adopt my own meaning: “incredible,” “astounding,” “sublime.”  We'll see if I can successfully insert this usage into modern NZ culture.  That, and “wicked.”  If I'm going to be picking up their accent, then I feel that I should leave them with a little taste of New England in return.

I'm writing from California – Cupertino (near San Jose) to be exact.  I'm staying with one of my best friends from Clark, Beeker, and am trying to make all kinds of last minute preparations for my trip.  I leave Friday.  Yowza.  Excited.  This will be where you should look if you want to know what I'm up to.  Postcards and emails will be sent, and phone calls will be made occasionally, but here is where the details and stories will come out.  This is the scoop.

All mail (packages, letters, postcards, etc.) should be sent to:

Susan Elizabeth Munroe
c/o IEP – Work New Zealand
PO Box 1786
Shortland St.
New Zealand

Can't wait to hear from all of you.  Much love.  Next entry – arrival!

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