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new! and exciting!

Dear readers,

I’d like to point out a couple of new features on my website.  After almost two years of tinkering, it’s finally coming together according to my vision.  Thanks for being patient with me!

NEW: See that little “Subscribe” button to the left?  Type your email address in the box above the button, and every time I write a new entry it will be automatically emailed to your inbox!  Very convenient for those of you who might want to keep up to date on my writing but forget to check.  Or, for those of you tired of checking constantly only to be rewarded with a new entry every couple of weeks.  Although if you like the suspense of checking only when you remember, by all means, carry on!  I just wanted to point it out for those of you who aren’t familiar with the process of subscribing to websites.

EXCITING: At the top of my home page is a small button labeled “PHOTOS”.  Easy to miss (I’m working on making it stand out a bit more; in the meantime, read on), but if you were to click on it, you’d be taken to another page with the following link: www.susanmunroe.zenfolio.com.  This is the address of my schmancy new photo website!  I’ve been working all summer on uploading, organizing, labeling, and adding captions to the best of my travel photos from the last five years, and I’m finally ready to unveil it, officially.  Please come check it out – and sign the guest book!  I’m very curious to know who my visitors are, and which pictures they find the most interesting.

It was five years ago this week that I boarded a plane bound for New Zealand and began my traveling life.  Thanks for your support and encouragement along the way.  I couldn’t have done any of it without you all behind me.

Happy reading, and happier travels, wherever you may go!


1 comment to new! and exciting!

  • Robert Roberts

    Are you ok? All of a sudden your post stopped. I know your back and on your way to the green river,but drop me a line or a call and let me know what happened the last month and that you are no worst for wear.
    Thanks Robert,Charlotte,Blaine

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