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It’s Official!

I’m a published writer!!

I’ve been struggling with the task of promoting and pitching my own work for quite some time, with a few miniscule forward movements. Several months ago, in a burst of confidence, I rewrote and submitted a story about sheep falling off the roof of a bus in rural Ecuador. No response. I sent it to two additional travel websites. No response. I hadn’t expected to hear from them, but it was still disappointing.

About four months ago, the first publication, Vagabondish.com, responded. Yes! they said! I wrote back enthusiastically, sent them the complete document, pictures and captions, and an author byline. And then heard nothing. Another few months passed, until I finally returned to the US and was able to follow up with Vagabondish. We’re so sorry, they said. We dropped the ball. Yes, we still want your story.

Cue celebrations! Cue confidence! Cue my first story published by a neutral party! Cue cautious hopes that this is the beginning of something great!

Come check it out: “Two Months at the Middle: Looking for Ecuador on the Quilotoa Loop”

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