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Filipino BBQ

While in Canada last month, Jeni and I were invited to a barbeque at her roommate Mia’s parents’ house. “We have to go, Susan. This isn’t any old backyard barbeque. This is a Filipino barbeque!”

It was cold and rainy outside, but warmth and festivity bloomed through the front door as we entered. I took […]

To my faithful readers,

who continue to check (and check, and check, and check) this page to see if I’ve updated:

I will post again!

…at the end of December. At the moment, I am at home, in between adventures. My writing efforts are currently focused on polishing and publishing, and my mental energies are directed at networking and […]

home again home again

…jiggedy jig.

One word: weird.

Good, more than good, but jeez louise, odd as. Arrived in Cali Monday afternoon, and spent that night, Tuesday and Wednesday nights with Beeker in San Jose. Heat! Cars! People! People! The entire freakin’ population of NZ in one city! Can you say ‘culture shock’? Driving back from the airport, […]