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Who got published? I got published!

Front page of the Santiago Times today featured a story by an up-and-coming young writer: ME!


Please excuse the momentary inarticulateness. I’ll be back to crafting good sentences tomorrow. Steve (publisher) wants me to write another article for Friday’s paper, this one about the Chilean Supreme Court’s upcoming hearing on the injunction against the dams.

The fundraising continues to move along as well. Thanks today to Bob Buchanan, a friend since before I can remember. Who will be next?

2 comments to Who got published? I got published!

  • Mia

    Yeay Susan for being published and being featured by Spot.us in one of their mass e-mails! Your work is amazing! Keep it up and I hope you have a very Feliz Navidad :-)

  • Hilary

    Congrats, Susan! That’s so exciting! Best of luck to you on your ventures!!

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