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your appetizer, sirs

It’s been nearly another month without an entry. Where, oh where, have I been? What on earth have I been doing?

As usual: too much. And all of it far too delicious to spoil by rushing. Oh no. This dish has to stay in the pot til it’s good and done. But perhaps this will whet your appetite.

A month in the jungle:

– four days living in a hammock on a boat on a river in the Amazon!

– arriving in the largest city in the world accessible only by water and air!

– eating a kilo of fruit every day for breakfast, and a different kind of fish every day for dinner!

– learning to shoot tribal blow darts while wearing traditional clothing!

– showering in the rain!

– shitting in the river!

– being devoured by mosquitoes and having a crocodile pee on my hand!

– floating houses and pink dolphins!

– and magic…

Oh, so much magic that I’m having a hard time fitting it all on one plate. At the moment, I’m in Chachapoyas, Perú. I’ve just finished a week of trekking around several pre-Inca ruins, and am slowly making my way to the coast, via Celendín and Cajamarcas. I could write about all that, but every time I sit in front of the computer, the words I write keep circling back to the jungle. I’m caught up in the mists and vines and lost in the green. I’ll try to cut loose soon, but I’m not making any promises.

¡Viva la Amazonía!

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