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new! and exciting!

Dear readers,

I’d like to point out a couple of new features on my website. After almost two years of tinkering, it’s finally coming together according to my vision. Thanks for being patient with me!

NEW: See that little “Subscribe” button to the left? Type your email address in the box above the button, and […]

Filipino BBQ

While in Canada last month, Jeni and I were invited to a barbeque at her roommate Mia’s parents’ house. “We have to go, Susan. This isn’t any old backyard barbeque. This is a Filipino barbeque!”

It was cold and rainy outside, but warmth and festivity bloomed through the front door as we entered. I took […]

Vancouver by Bicycle

I’m in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve been other places this summer, too: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, and Oregon. Those trips, however, were jam-packed with families, weddings, friends, and action!, whereas this trip has involved a lot of downtime, which would explain this sudden flurry of Canadian blogging activity.

Today Jeni had the afternoon off, […]

kilometers are better than miles

Those “km”s whizz by so much faster than those ponderous “mi”s. And they sound far more impressive: “I just biked 20 km!” versus, “I did about 12 mi. this morning”. However one tells the distance, man, it feels good to be outside, moving, feeling the sweat on my back dry as I coast downhill, pedaling […]

points of re-entry

The United States is quiet. No car horns. No shouting vendors. No roaring, muffler-less combis or downshifting buses. It’s clean. I took a walk around Syreena’s suburban neighborhood and found a single piece of trash: a cardboard McDonald’s box. Everyone has American accents, and I no longer have to do a double take when […]

To my faithful readers,

who continue to check (and check, and check, and check) this page to see if I’ve updated:

I will post again!

…at the end of December. At the moment, I am at home, in between adventures. My writing efforts are currently focused on polishing and publishing, and my mental energies are directed at networking and […]

. . . please hold . . .

You have reached the website of The Wandering Susan. She’s not available to connect to the internet right now, but if you hang on tight, she’ll be with you as soon as she can. Your readership is important to her, and she thanks you for your patience. Your curiosity will be satisfied in due time.


home again home again

…jiggedy jig.

One word: weird.

Good, more than good, but jeez louise, odd as. Arrived in Cali Monday afternoon, and spent that night, Tuesday and Wednesday nights with Beeker in San Jose. Heat! Cars! People! People! The entire freakin’ population of NZ in one city! Can you say ‘culture shock’? Driving back from the airport, […]

korean food and camping

No, no, I'm not in New Zealand yet.  This last week in Cali with Beeker has been so much fun that I just had to write about it and share.  Here are the highlights…

Learning to play chess!  …and losing 2 out of 3 games.

Spending a morning with Elizabeth (close friend from high school), […]

joining the world of the bloggers

Adventure time!

Welcome to my sweet as account of the next year of traveling around New Zealand.  While I realize that “sweet as” actually means “well done!” or “good for you!” in NZ slang, I prefer to adopt my own meaning: “incredible,” “astounding,” “sublime.”  We'll see if I can successfully insert this usage into modern […]