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So, remember six months ago when I announced out of the blue that I was changing all of my plans and going to Chile? That I was finally stepping out onto the wobbly limb of professional freelance writing?

Well, the payoff has arrived: In Chile, A Conflict Between Clean Energy and Pristine Wilderness appeared on www.fastcoexist.com this morning!

Those three articles in the Chilean newspaper were just a warm up. This is the real deal, my first comprehensive article to deal with the hydroelectricity debate in Patagonia. My first article to be recognized and published by an established, well-known, professional media source!

THANK YOU for your support. I’ve had this blog for seven years with the goal of someday trying to get my work published – and that day has finally arrived. THANK YOU for coming along for the ride, and thanks for reading.


  • Brett

    Fantastic job Susan! So proud of you for getting published. The article is great. It’s cool that they used a few of your photos as well. Good luck with getting more articles published!

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