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limbo city

Time, it seems, is rapidly running past me. Sprinting on from May, through June, and then damned if isn’t July already. I’m overdue for a good update, and I owe a few of you some solid emails, but I can’t say that either of those things is going to happen soon. I’m working and skiing […]


It is winter here. I haven’t seen any snowfall yet, only crusty, frosty piles on the sunless southern sides of mountains and on the tops of the larger peaks I see in the distance, but it is winter, unmistakably. The tourists have gone home, the towns look closed-down and nearly devoid of life. Trees have […]

i met a possum!

I’ve been in the Westland (aka the rainforest) for about a week and a half now, and have been having incredible luck with the weather. Lovely sunny days and astounding clear skies at night. The moon is full tonight, but because the days are so short this time of year (sunrise 7:30, sunset 5:00), the […]

keas and slivovica

Arthur’s Pass – the town at the highest elevation in NZ, and about a kilometer away from the mountain pass of the same name. I spent three frosty, cold (but fantastic) days camping for free next to the Bealey River, cooking on my tiny little Trangia stove, and shooing the noisy keas away from Dr. […]

lightning round

So much to say, so little time to say it! In the past three weeks, I…

Visited Queenstown with Moni – Drove his car, The Beast (twin turbo engine, sports shift, v6, responsive and oh so smooth on the corners), south through the Canterbury Plains and the barren, imposing Lindis Pass. Wandered about the town, […]

back by popular demand

I know, I know, you haven’t heard from me in ages. Am I alive? Am I well? Have I gone round the twist or fallen off the face of the earth? Yes. Yes. Not really, and no. Rather, I’ve been sucked into the routine and life that is Lake Tekapo and the Godley Resort. Time […]

Southern Exposure

Back from the abyss!! Nearly three weeks later, I’ve thoroughly experienced Wellington, bid adieu to the North Island, and am currently writing from Lake Tekapo, in about the middle of the South Island. Internet is extremely dear, so I’ll jump right in and fill you all in, starting with my ferry journey between the islands […]

As the Brits would say,

I just “can’t be assed” (meaning: can’t be bothered. Say it with an English accent, it sounds better that way: “cahn’t be ahssed”) to write an update. I don’t feel like enough exciting things have gone on in the last few days to warrant an entire entry. Meh. Things are good, no worries, I’m just […]

big ol’ circle

From Turangi to…Oban Station.  Again.  The Richmonds, take 2.  A much shorter stay this time, just four nights.  Wasn't planning to go back, to complete the circle, but as I was ending my stay with the McGregors, George sent me a text asking when/if I'd be passing through Hawkes Bay again.  As my plans for Wellington […]

queuing up the mountain

“The Best Day Hike In NZ.”  That's how it's advertised.  The Tongariro Crossing.  It's hyped up to be quite an intense and difficult (but worthwhile) walk, across the ridges and craters between Mts. Ngarahoe and Tongariro, 17km altogether, not including the possible side trips up to the summits of the two mountains.  This was the […]