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country roads, take me home

Graham, my one-time supervisor and long-time friend, shouts at me from across the hall where he’s having a Sunday-morning sleep-in. It’s early, around seven, and I’ll be on a plane in less than twelve hours. “Your plane’s been canceled, darling. All planes to Boston have been grounded until further notice. Guess you’ll just have to […]

returning to civilization after a long tramp in the bush

Today I have spoken more words than I have uttered in the last month. My throat is dry, my tongue and mouth are tired, but I am out of my head – I have rejoined humanity and am relearning the finer points of human communication. I’m on the North Island: this bustling metropolis of an […]

home sweet boat

Several songs come to mind at this point… “…just spent six months in a leaky boat” “…we all live in a yellow submarine” My boat isn’t a submarine (though it is painted yellow), and whether it’s leaky or not I can’t say, as it’s in permanent dry dock on top of a hill, but it’s […]


I rejoined civilization at 10pm yesterday, and all I have to say is this: YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

It’s about 70 degrees F, the sun is out, I’m wearing a skirt and no shoes, and I just woke up from a nap in a sunny patch of grass with Lumir. In the last 24 hours (less than, actually), […]

395 to 1075 in 2.5 weeks

A helicopter landed outside of my window two nights ago. The thumping, room shaking sound of its rotors was like an alarm clock jarring one out of a sound sleep: disorienting, confusing, frightening. “Wake up!” It said. “It’s mainbody!”

If the three helicopters arriving at the heli-pad less than a hundred feet from my window […]

here comes the sun

It’s 11:00 at night when I step out of the coffee house with Andre, Justin, and Sky. We’ve spent the last half hour or so cozied up to the wooden, paneled bar, chatting, spinning on our bar stools, enjoying the selection of NZ and Aussie wines and trading banter with Dave the bartender. It’s way […]

home again home again

…jiggedy jig.

One word: weird.

Good, more than good, but jeez louise, odd as. Arrived in Cali Monday afternoon, and spent that night, Tuesday and Wednesday nights with Beeker in San Jose. Heat! Cars! People! People! The entire freakin’ population of NZ in one city! Can you say ‘culture shock’? Driving back from the airport, […]


It’s all happening.

I’m going!

I’m going to Antarctica!!

::unintelligible shrieks of joy and amazement::

Oh, wow. Wow, wow, and yes, wow.

Life, at the moment, is so good that it hurts. So good, in fact, that you see I write it out in plain English, without fear or superstition that I might somehow jinx […]

limbo city

Time, it seems, is rapidly running past me. Sprinting on from May, through June, and then damned if isn’t July already. I’m overdue for a good update, and I owe a few of you some solid emails, but I can’t say that either of those things is going to happen soon. I’m working and skiing […]

lightning round

So much to say, so little time to say it! In the past three weeks, I…

Visited Queenstown with Moni – Drove his car, The Beast (twin turbo engine, sports shift, v6, responsive and oh so smooth on the corners), south through the Canterbury Plains and the barren, imposing Lindis Pass. Wandered about the town, […]